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Be Prepared for Your York Region Landlord & Tenant Hearing

Whether you are the landlord or a tenant, conflicts concerning rental properties can become not only heated but also complex. Barrister and solicitor Elliot Starer offers services in landlord and tenant law in Thornhill to help resolve disputes concerning maintenance and repairs, rental contracts, evictions, or landlord and tenant rights. For an effective and fair resolution, you must be prepared, both with persuasive evidence and the proper forms.

Know Your Rights: Legal Consultations in Thornhill

Before your issues with your tenant or landlord become costly, ask for a legal consultation. Elliot helps ensure you receive professional representation at landlord and tenant hearings in the York Region, backed by 38 years of legal experience. Ensure you know the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants, whether you're a tenant treated unfairly by a landlord or a landlord with a destructive or dishonest tenant.

Receive satisfaction and save expenses. Contact us to book a free first 30-minute legal consultation in Thornhill. Weekend and evening appointments are available by request.


Weekend and evening appointments

are available upon request.

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