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With 40 years of experience in the law, Elliot Starer, your criminal lawyer in Thornhill, is available to handle your criminal charges in the York Region, Toronto and other parts of the GTA. Whether you have been accused of assault or are facing impaired driving charges, he supports your interests in seeking a positive resolution to your legal problems.

The most reliable defence lawyers are those with high ethical standards who conduct themselves with decorum and respect for the other justice participants. The legal system can be intimidating and difficult to comprehend at times. At our firm, we ensure every client fully understands their rights so we can protect them effectively. We aim to provide positive advocacy during every one of our trials and go above and beyond to give our clients proficient representation. If you hire us, we will strategically assess your case and put forth the best defence possible. We will help you understand the legal requirements to defend the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Our firm has an outstanding track record defending clients with skillful representation from the earliest stages of the criminal process through to trial. Our criminal lawyers emphasize professionalism, client services and impassioned advocacy.

Criminal Lawyer in Vaughan for Adults & Youth

Has your minor son or daughter been charged with a criminal offence in Youth Justice Court? Elliot also represents young offenders in bail hearings and court. Criminal charges can have a large effect on your life, such as a criminal record or imprisonment. Find a lawyer who can give you proper representation and provide you with the best advice to avoid such consequences.

If you are in custody or preparing for a bail hearing, protect yourself and your rights. Call Elliot Starer for dedicated legal representation before, during, and after your trial.


When you find yourself in trouble, a criminal lawyer serving Vaughan and Toronto should be available when you need one the most. Elliot Starer will travel to provide legal counsel in the York Region and parts of the GTA. You may request evening or weekend legal services as well.


Prompt & Result-Oriented Criminal Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges, you must be prepared for the long haul in terms of legalities and court hearings. When you are wrongly accused of a crime, it is natural to want to explain and talk about what happened. But the legal terms involved in your case proceedings might leave you perplexed and troubled. Providing evidence for your case also plays a major role in proving your innocence.


Accusations create confusion and chaos in your life and the only way to make things right is to share your version of the incident.  Get the help you need from Elliot Starer, a lawyer who understands and protects your rights, tailoring a unique approach to your situation. Schedule a consultation


Comprehensive Legal Aid for Your Criminal Charges

Criminal charges encompass a wide variety of accusations, under which each crime has its own set of laws and procedures. When you are charged with a criminal accusation, you must be aware of the opportunity to exercise your right. Here are some of the criminal charges that our lawyer in Vaughan can help you with:

DUI charges involve driving offences and are serious crimes under the law. We understand that your driving license is important to you, so keep in mind that such charges come with unexpected penalties and consequences. From getting your license revoked to facing imprisonment, DUI charges have many implications. Reading useful articles on such criminal charges can help you get prepared for the legalities.

Drug-related offences related to the production, possession, distribution and consumption of illegal drugs can have serious consequences in Canada. But the charges depend on the type of drug used and the nature of the crime. From being prohibited from travelling to other countries to employability issues, such charges can have a lasting impact if not fought by an experienced criminal attorney.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs comes in the way of your ability to drive a vehicle efficiently. As this charge poses a major risk to public safety, you might get your license suspended or face imprisonment if found guilty.


The Stages of a Criminal Case

Every criminal case is different. However, most criminal cases follow 8 different steps, which include:


  • Arrest: The case commences with the arrest of the person suspected of the crime. A law enforcement officer might take an individual into custody based on their belief that the individual has committed a crime.

  • Provincial release: The accused might be released before their court date as a part of a process known as a bail hearing. In the hearing, the conditions of the provincial release are considered.

  • First appearance: In this stage, the accused is formally charged with the crime. They are asked either to plead guilty or not guilty. The date of the next appearance is also decided.

  • Disclosure: During this stage, the Crown Prosecutor makes all the information gathered during the investigation available to the defence. This allows them to devise their defence strategy.

  • Pre-trial consultation with Prosecutor: At this stage, the Crown prosecutor and the defence meet to discuss the case. They might negotiate the charges against the accused.

  • Judicial pre-trial: This step entails a meeting that involves the Crown Prosecutor, the Judge and the defence. The parties might discuss topics that might be controversial during the trial. It might even lead to a settlement.

  • Court trial: This is the stage where the innocence or guilt of the accused is decided. In the end, both parties release their closing statements.

  • Judgement and penalization: The process culminates in releasing the verdict and the sentencing. The accused can appeal the verdict if they believe there were legal errors.

Would you like to know more? Please contact our criminal lawyer in Vaughan. You can also consult our blog to acquire valuable information.


Charged with a criminal offence? Take help from our experienced criminal defence attorney!


Call for a free initial consultation of 30 minutes for a range of criminal law concerns, including:

Robbery and theft

Break and entry


Drugs and controlled substances

Impaired driving charges


Domestic assault

Sexual assault

Murder and manslaughter

Young offenders

Bail hearings

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