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In Ontario, our driving laws, especially impaired driving laws, can be very severe, regardless of if this is your first, second, or even third offence. We are incredibly experienced and can help you fight your charges. As a former assistant crown attorney, Elliot Starer has been in law for over 40 years, 26 of which have been spent operating his own practice.


Elliot will work with you to ensure that you understand your rights in a non-judgmental and communicative relationship by providing high-level legal advice that is both understandable and concise. Our specialty in criminal law means that your case is in the right hands.

If you've been charged with impaired driving, getting legal health as soon as possible is best. Our impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan has the experience and skills to defend your rights and provide you with the representation you deserve. Please contact us to make an appointment. Besides this, you can view our blog for valuable information.

What Happens in an Impaired Driving Case?

Impaired driving is one of the most common criminal offences in the country. When an individual is caught under impaired driving, the charge depends on the extent of the offence committed. It is important to know what will be the next steps you are facing and how you can move ahead.


One of the first steps you should take is to look for a lawyer who can help you with your case. Elliot Starer is a professional impaired driving lawyer in Thornhill who can help you resolve such cases.


Get professional legal advice from our impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan, who will advise and guide you through your case.

Possible Defences

If you've been charged with impaired driving, you might be losing out on hope. However, as an impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan, Elliot Starer can provide you with a solid defence based on your case's circumstances. Some possible defences are:


  • Your vehicle was stopped on unlawful grounds

  • There were no reasonable grounds for your arrest

  • The police did not respect your right to counsel

  • There was a failure to adhere to the sampling deadlines

We recommend enlisting the help of a professional as soon as possible. Our impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan will provide personalized legal solutions based entirely on your case. Besides this, he also offers legal aid for family law matters.


Contact Us Today Regarding Your Impaired Driving Case

Stop worrying about the result of your charges, and rest easy knowing your case is in good professional hands. The goal is to see the best possible outcome! Our impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan has years of experience handling similar cases. He will carefully inspect all the factors surrounding your case and provide you with dependable legal support during this difficult time. Please contact us to make an appointment.


Contact us today to book a 30-minute consultation with our impaired driving lawyer in Vaughan.

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